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Tanker Repair Services

MSEQ provides in-factory repair and rebuild services for most bowsers / tankers and all the associated equipment installed thereon. 


MSEQ offers repair and maintenance services on Rigid Truck Tankers where the tank material is either Mild Steel or Stainless. 

MSEQ offers the following Tanker Repair Services:-

  • Pumps, Dispensing and Metering Equipment

  • Hydraulic Systems and PTO’s

  • Spray bars / Spray Nozzles / Pneumatic Controls

  • General repairs, maintenance and accident repairs

  • Re-Spraying of Tankers

  • Small and large modifications to most tankers​

  • Remounting of tanker barrels to new truck chassis

  • Fitting and testing of Overfill equipment

  • General tank or trailer maintenance

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