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Bowsers / Tankers

MSEQ builds both Diesel Bowsers and Water Bowsers for sale  in Mining, Earthmoving, Construction on ADT's / Rigids and similar applications. 

Diesel Bowsers or Diesel Tankers can be built on on-road or off-road vehicles to each customers specific application. Required dispensing flow rates and metering requirements to suit the equipment being re-fuelled.


Diesel Bowser or Diesel Tanker Features include:-


  • Drive Systems - PTO driven hydraulic, Diesel Driven Pneumatic, Diesel Driven Electric.

  • Filtration and/or Water Extraction

  • Metering

  • Flow Rates from high volume to low


Water Bowsers or Water Tankers can be built on on or off-road vehicles to each customers specific application.   Our Water Bowser and Water Tanker solutions are ideally suited to mining, construction and earthmoving applications.  MSEQ are also able to design and manufacture towable water tank trailers these portable or mobile water trucks are for sale and use to the mining, construction and earthmoving industries amongst others.


Water Bowser configurations / features include:-


  • Drive Systems - PTO driven Hydraulic, Diesel Driven Pneumatic, Diesel Driven Electric.

  • Spray Systems for dust suppression and wetting dirt roads

  • We design and manufacture industrial grade spray bars that give you the spray coverage needed for your particular application.  These systems are ideal for dust control in mining and construction.

  • Water Cannons - Units can be configured as fire-fighting applications and equiped with Water Cannons controlled either manually or from within the truck cab.

  • Tank Material - Water Tanks can be mild steel coated with an anti-rust coating or various grades of stainless steel.




  • Dust suppression / Fire fighting / Water spraying / Water supply

Diesel Tanker
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