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Service Trucks

MSEQ designs a Service Truck or Lube Truck to meet each customers particular servicing needs. From Literage to Flow Rates, to Filtration and Metering, MSEQ provides a complete mobile servicing solution for sale in Africa.

Service Trucks and Lube Trucks service other equipment and machines whilst they are in-service on-site. MSEQ Field Service Vehicles are suited to Mining, Exploration and Drilling, Construction and Road Building, Earthmoving and Excavations in Africa.

Units can be built and fitted onto the vehicle in our factory or built in the factory but fitted on-site.


Service Truck function choices include:-

  • New Oils - Pumping, Filtering Dispensing, Metering

  • Used Oil / Waste Oil -  Suction / Transfer for disposal

  • Coolant - for filling cooling systems

  • Water / High Pressure Washer Systems

  • Grease

    • High Pressure Greasing of Nipples

    • High Volume Grease Transfer

  • Diesel (for top-up refuelling)

  • Compressor / Air Function

    • for Pneumatic Pumps, Tyre Inflation and Tools


Other Options are varied and include:-

  • Remote Tank Filling Systems

  • Tank overfill protection systems

  • Remote LCD Level Indication

  • Specialised Couplers such as Wiggins / Banlaw

  • Storage Compartments / Used filter element storage

  • Diesel or Hydraulic Drive Welding Machines

  • Work lights, Beacon, jump start, 12/24 volt switch

  • Tool boxes and storage racks for drums/bottles

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