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Manufacturing Services

MSEQ design and manufacture a variety of plant and equipment for Mining, Construction and other customers. MSEQ operate a Steel Fabrication and machining shop and can fabricate to each customers requirements. MSEQ specialise in on-vehicle solutions and equipment.

  • General Steel Fabrication and Design

    • Tanks / Flowbins

    • Buckets / other

    • Items to client requests

  • Containerised Lubrication Workshops

    • Tanks for Oils, Coolant, Diesel etc

    • Grease Containers

    • Pumps, Filtration Metering

    • Compressed Air / High Pressure Washers


  • Skid Based Mobile Service Units

    • Built on a skid with container lock mountings

    • Can provide complete range of function as a Service Truck.

    • Service Units can be built seperate from the Truck and transported and fitted on-site


  • Grease Transfer and Handling

    • Custom Solutions for the high volume transfer of Greases

    • Acheive transfer rates of up to 80-90kg per minute


  • Self Bunded Diesel Tanks for quick refuelling setups at new sites

    • Diesel or Electric driven

    • Filtration, Water Extraction, Metering

    • High Volume and Low Volume flow rates supported


  • Custom Machinery

    • MSEQ will look to design and build any custom plant requirement you might have. From dealing with a lubrication issue, to fluid transfer, to filtration plant - we'll solve the problem you have.

Diesel Tank | MSEQ
MSEQ | Manufacturing Custom Service Vehicles
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