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About MSEQ

MSEQ Equipment is a Johannesburg based manufacturer of specialized equipment for the handling of Fuels, Lubricants, Greases and other fluids associated with the servicing and refuelling of Plant and Machinery. MSEQ also provides general equipment design and steel fabrication services, with a focus on mobile plant.


Mseq manufactures Mobile Service Trucks, Diesel Bowsers, Water Bowsers, Water Trucks, Vacuum Trucks, Honey Suckers, Waste Oil Tankers, Pumps, Spray Equipment, Dust Supression, Fire Fighting And Any Specialised Plant, Containers, Skids or Trailers for The handling Of Diesel, Grease, Oils And Other Fluids for Mining and Construction Sites.


The MSEQ team have decades of experience in solving the on-site machine maintenance and servicing needs of operators in the Mining, Earthmoving, Construction and Road Building Industries. 


​If you have a requirement to deal with dispensing of Oils, Lubrication, Greasing, Coolant, Water, Re-fuelling or any other on-site field maintenance need - you should be talking to us.

Designed for Africa

Mining, Development & Construction environments in Africa are harsh. Machines are subjected to difficult operating conditions and are often poorly maintained and even abused.


MSEQ builds with the knowledge and experience of the stresses that such environments place on equipment. Our designs are robust, simple and well suited to these types of environments.




Phone   +27(0)860 111 434
MSEQ Equipment News
MSEQ | Water Tanker, Fire Truck

Fire-Fighting Water Truck


MSEQ completed a 4000lt Water Truck for Fire-Fighting on a Iveco 4x4. Unit is complete with Hydraulic drive pump, a high volume water cannon, Spraybars front and rear and 2 sixty metre hosereels with adjustable nozzles.

MSEQ | Mining Service Truck

Hydraulic Drive Lubrication Service Truck


Built on a BELL B25, this Unit delivers on-site dispensing of various grades of Oil, Grease, Water & Coolant. All pumps are hydraulically powered from the bucket lifting circuit of the dump truck. Unit also has a High Pressure washer unit and a compressed air function .

A 4000lt waste Oil function is also installed with suction and delivery capability.

Product Summary

Service Trucks​

Diesel and Water Bowsers

Steel Fabrication

Container Based Lube Modules

Self-Bunded Diesel Tanks​​​​​

Grease Handling Solutions

Custom Plant built to order

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